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The story of scheel-mann seats starts with the entrepreneurial drive of Walter Greiner Senior. In 1922 he founds the company "GREINER Stahlmöbel", laying the cornerstone of today's success. The small mechanical workshop was originally located in an old brewery. The speciality was manufacture of metal components for barber chairs and metal stands for the furniture industry. Mr. Greiner quickly succeeded in making a name for himself as a regional quality provider.
Just before the great world economic crisis, demand for goods was already declining throughout Germany. In spite of the weak demand nationally, we saw moderate growth through new export relationships with Holland and Sweden. During this time a design revolution in Germany led by schools such as Bauhaus, influenced the way we approach the design and construction of our products. Form and function are inextricably linked.
Manufacturing capabilities are expanded and GREINER starts producing entire tubular steel frames for salon chairs. As a family business and a key employer for the area, sustainable growth and quality are the core values that propelled us to this milestone.
GREINER achieves for the first time an annual turnover of 1 million D-mark. The development and manufacturing of own salon chairs starts in the same year. Already in 1962 the company presents its first salon chair with hydraulic pump. The Bauhaus inspired design, excellent ergonomics and premium quality construction help make it a great market success.
Scheel-schalensitze was founded in Untertürkheim, an outer district of Stuttgart Germany by Mr. Rolf Scheel. As a race car driver, Rolf was not content with the flat seats at the time. He knew there was a better way, and he was driven to develop it himself.  His breakthrough was creating a backrest shape that closely matched the curvature of the human spine and adding a lateral support structure that held the driver firmly connected to the machine. A well designed and constructed seat allows the you to focus on driving.
Scheel working cooperation with Scheel Netherlands. Mr. Hans Koster The unique design of the Scheel seat transformed the driving experience. In this time Scheel was supplying seats to the manufacturers that were defining the new formula for road going sports coupes. Cars that are now legendary: Alpina with the 3.0 CSL, and ford with the Capri RS.
Mr. Scheel made a partnership with Mr. Mann and seats were sold under the name scheel-mann, the factory was in Heimerdingen.
Mr. Erich Mann died and the Greiner took the whole employes and everything and continued the seat manufacturing

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 Scheel-mann usa brings North America the finest German aftermarket seat solution. 

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