Upholstery Options

Selecting the perfect material for your seats is important, and personal.

We offer a large selection of standard options to choose from, as well upgrades like wool and leather. For every seat, you can choose one material for the center cushions, and another for the side bolsters. We make these seats just for you, they should make you feel great every time you get into your machine. What would your dream seats look like? 

Center Cushion Fabric

RODE This original MB fabric has an extra charge.

Seat Body and Bolster Material


There is no substitute for real leather...

We have 9 colors of leather that can be selected. You can choose one color for the whole seat, or use one color for the bolsters, and another for the center cushion. You dream up your perfect seat, and we can make it for you. Perforated leather can be selected for the center cushion at an extra cost.

Black 1100

Basalt 1215

Grey 1227

Everest Gray 1260

Camel 1235

Brown 1300

Middle Brown 1315

Barrel Red 1608

Corral Red 1628

Click here to view a gallery of seats in the different possible combinations