But I think that the first thing is that they're expensive for the sake of being like an ego purchase or or something that you aspire to. And in reality, it's it's more like an orthopedic shoe. It's. It's not something that you have because you want to have it. It's something you have because you absolutely need it.

When an automotive manufacturer designs a seat for their car they have to make it fit a huge range of body types and sizes, and inevitably some people are going to fit that seat better than other people because they're on the margins of what the original designer intended. So when you buy a scheel-mann, you're buying a seat that fits your body specifically or is adjustable to be fine-tuned to your exact body and that allows you to have a seat that is like a dream. So at the end of the day, after 12 hours in the car, you're not you're not fatigued and not sore and. And not squirming around. It's just awesome.

Having the perfect seat will improve every mile you put on your vehicle and when you're ready to go to the next level. Send us an e-mail or check us out at and we will get you set up.