Sportline F - Land Rover Defender Edition

This is a standard item that we stock at our Portland warehouse prebuilt in the following configurations:

Side of Vehcile: Left
Color: Black
Upholstery: Basketweave Cloth with Leatherette Bolsters
Sale price$1,538.00

Installation Essentials
$320 for LRD Seat Brackets and Sliders.

Optional Armrests
$159 each - arm rest can be added to the inboard side of LRD seat at anytime, and are in stock.

$100 Shipping per seat anywhere in the lower 48 of the USA.

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Sportline is the most compact seat we produce, making it ideal for situations where you need that extra inch to fit. The Sportline forgoes the adjustable lumbar support to reduce overall thickness of the seat back by 2 inches allowing the occupant to sit nearly two inches further back in the vehicle, this makes it an ideal candidate for the NAS 90 SW as the roll cage mounting point behind the seat limits how far back you move the seat.

Like all variants of the Sportline, the LRD Edition backrest has the deepest side bolsters we offer, giving you the support you need in the corners without being so big as to cause fatigue on bumpy roads. The 'F' model as specified for the LRD Edition utilize a seat base design with lower side bolsters, making getting in and out of tall vehicles much easier and allowing you to remain planted without feeling pinched.

The defining feature on the LRD Edition, is the lift up seat cushion, providing access to the factory battery and tool box. Additionally the seat bracket design creates additional storage on top of the seat box for quick access to things like jumper cables, roadside emergency kits, or a strong box for valuables.

The backrest has a release mechanism that allows the seat back to hinge forward for better access behind the seat. LRD Edition seats are typically built with only one backrest release handle on the inboard side to accommodate tight clearance on the B pillar.

Each in stock seat has already been made (and is in our Portland warehouse) in the following configuration:  

  • Integrated Heat in the back and seat cushion
  • Hardpoints to accept optional arm rests.

Vehicle Application
Defenders with internal roll cages attached to the B-pillar.
Drivers with long legs needing that extra inch of leg room.
(See acronym key here)

Lift-up Seat

For quick access to electronics and storage

Integrated Heating

Seat heaters are built into the back and seat cushion. Comes with wiring harness and switch.

Puma Style Headrest

Curved sport headrest in the style of the Defender Puma.

Lift-up Seat

For quick access to electronics and storage.

Backrest realease handle

Backrest release mechanisim allows for quick access to items stored behind the seat.

Thinnest seatback construction

Allows for installation in more constricted cockpits.

Standard Features

Integrated Heating

Built in seat heaters available with a switch.