Understanding Our Slogan "Guter Sitz, gute Fahrt"

What is "gute Fahrt"?

"gute Fahrt" is a widely used German expression that translates to "have a good trip" or "have a safe journey."

What does "Guter Sitz" mean?

"Guter Sitz" is German for "a good fit" or "a good seat."

Why do we use the slogan "Guter Sitz, gute Fahrt"?

"Guter Sitz, gute Fahrt" represents our belief that a supportive, well-fitting seat is essential for a safe and comfortable journey.

This phrase captures the essence of the brand's German heritage and core values. The perfect seat ensures every trip is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

"Guter Sitz, gute Fahrt" goes beyond its literal meaning though—it symbolizes the joy of hitting the road, relishing the moments behind the wheel, embarking on adventures, and sharing these experiences with friends. It embodies the unique sense of love, freedom and community that automobiles bring to our lives.

Brent's Porsche 911S

The newly-reissued scheel 101 seat is the perfect, period correct addition to any vintage sports car.

scheel 101
scheel 101


scheel 101scheel 101
scheel 101 Sale priceFrom $1,768.00

The scheel-mann USA Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is equipped with our most popular model, the Vario F. Fitted with dual armrests to increase comfort while you're on the road or lounging at your destination.

Vario F
Vario F


Vario FVario F
Vario F Sale priceFrom $2,067.00

The Overcrest BMW E30 325i

The Traveler R seat, an excellent upgrade.

Traveler R
Traveler R


Traveler RTraveler R
Traveler R Sale priceFrom $1,598.00

Jesse's Toyota FRS

The Sportline R seat is the perfect solution for a modern sports car like the FRS/BRZ/GT86 platform.

Sportline R
Sportline R


Sportline RSportline R
Sportline R Sale priceFrom $1,488.00

Guter Sitz, gute Fahrt!

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